Hello my name is Patrick Barnett; welcome to Colorado Hypnosis! The good news is you’ve got a lot of great things going for you; but there may be parts of your life you want to “tune-up”.  Call me now to discuss how we can work together so you can naturally, comfortably and easily regain control of your life. 


"The relaxation techniques that Patrick taught at the Colorado Department of Health wellness sessions were extremely helpful in conquering my fear of public speaking when I presented to the Governor's Emergency, Expert, Epidemiological Response Commitee." -NG, Denver, CO

"Patrick demystifies hypnosis. His approach is down to earth and practical. He demonstrates its applicability to real-life daily situations." -LT, Aurora, CO

"Patrick helped me through a really tough physical challenge and diagnosis. Thanks to him I was able complete my therapy without fear and am healthy today!" -DR, Highlands Ranch, CO


As a Board Certified Hypnotist, I offer a wide range of life changing programs including but not limited to: 

Sports SuccessFears
Stop Smoking HypnosisPublic Speaking
Hypnosis For Weight LossMotivation/Self Confidence
Hypnosis For Anxiety & Managing StressEmployment Interviews
Academic PerformanceSuccess Attainment
School Class DemonstrationsFundraising/Private Comedy Hypnosis Parties
Pre-Medical Procedure PrepSelf Hypnosis

My aim is to help clients bring out their best, healthiest and most confident selves. Be it managing stress and anxiety, helping to combat unhealthy or unwanted habits, or creating motivation and focus to help achieve goals, I use hypnosis as a tool for self-improvement.


This popular program is specifically designed for groups rather than individuals. Similar to time spent getting a massage, this is for the mind. It is ideal for corporate retreats, team building and to help businesses, students, organizations and families regain control and manage stress and other discomfort. You will learn how to relax and de-stress yourself at will even in the midst of taxing day to day situations.


This program is designed to enhance professional growth and is customized for corporate retreats, team building and designed for staff at all levels. Imagine harnessing the ability through group hypnosis to become even more focused and productive, able to clearly define and achieve how to identify, plan and evaluate your
professional objectives and goals while learning to evaluate your success. We’ll work to define your goals and objectives and prioritizing these by using the S.M.A.R.T. ™ (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time phased) method which I’ve taught to hundreds of individuals and businesses nationwide.



There is nothing mysterious about hypnosis. Simply put it's a state of heightened awareness and enhanced suggestibility. We're in various states of hypnosis every day. You are completely in control -- rather than being a loss of control, hypnosis is about helping you take back control of those parts of your life that seem to be out of control: your habits, behaviors, emotions and beliefs.

That has never and will never happen.

You will never do anything against your personal, moral or ethical standards. The hypnotist is your partner; you are in complete control. You do the work; I am present only to provide  a personalized path and act as a catalyst to help you become your best self. 

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